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What We Love About Our School

Why Did You Pick Desert Willow Family School?

Our parents say that our school's unique design which encourages parent involvement, multi-age classes, and a great curriculum differentiated to each student's ability level attracted them to Desert Willow Family School.

What Do Students Say About Desert Willow Family School?

Hear from our students about what they love about Desert Willow Family School! In addition to being a friendly community with caring teachers and a great mascot, our students enjoy fun school-wide events like sock hop, spring carnival, art night, and inquiry exploration. Students appreciate our one teacher classrooms, dragon mascot, working with peers, family involvement, homeschool time, and engaging hands-on projects.

What Would You Say to a Family Considering Desert Willow Family School?

Do you love learning along with your child, in a supportive community that has many resources for students and parents? Do you enjoy the learning process? There's no better place than Desert Willow!

What Does Desert Willow Family School's Curricula Emphasize?

At Desert Willow Family School, we use a unique curricula where students collaborate to solve problems and develop critical thinking skills.

What Are Desert Willow Family School's Classrooms Like?

Our school has multi-age classrooms, with 2-4 grades levels in one classroom where they build knowledge together, with a different peer dynamic than a traditional school.

What's the Best Part About Being an Administrator at Desert Willow Family School?

At Desert Willow Family School, our Principal, Ms. Trish Ann Teasdale, greets students each day at the front door. She looks forward to welcoming your future Desert Willow Dragon into our learning community!

What Does it Mean to be a Parent of a Desert Willow Family School Student? What's Involved?

We are a learning community that welcomes parent involvement in their child's learning. At our school, parents have the opportunity to work closely with their child and their teacher to better their student's learning.

What Makes Desert Willow Family School Special?

Our focus on learning communities results in student success!